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I am a wife, mother, sister and friend who loves to create whether scrapbooking, taking pictures, gardening or cooking. I want you to read this blog, smile, giggle and be inspired to do what you love. Create, create, create that is who we are and let's enjoy the journey together!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oooh Little Girls

Everyone who knows me, understands I live in a male dominated house...even down to the dog and I have my suspicions about the fish! So I don't have the luxury or thrill of shopping for all the little girlie scrapbook goodies. When a close friend of ours recently had a little girl that gave me all the ammunition I needed as well as excuses to by everything that glitters! and boy did I...from papers to embellies I got it all. I have also loved the color blue since I could talk and absolutely hated anything pink...until now! There is pink everywhere...and...I like it! I decided to post one of the pages I did for her scrapbook and will post others later but wanted to share the fun I am having doing this scrapbook.
Cute Embellie I found at Archivers

Pearls I picked up from some place I don't even remember! 

I love love love the white flourish paper and the letters are from the cricut cartridge Hello Kitty

It's pink, It glitters, and is shiny all over, yay for little girls! and yay for my oldest son who volunteered to hold the page up!
 As  I mentioned a few posts back I am working on a set of board books for our little princess and mind you I started this process by just doing the board books and a flower chipboard album...my has it grown...anyway I will post pics of these super cute board books once they are complete but thought I would offer a preview of what's to come.

Happy Scrapping and have a creative week!


  1. Girl, you make me want to scrap or have a girl! ;-D

    Those pages are so cute. I especially love the pearl accent. I would say that you are having too much fun, but that is not possible.


  2. Great blog! You are very creative! Love the little girl layout and looking forward to seeing your little chipboard album.

  3. Hi again. trying to find your email, but I don't see it. I want to send you the template you requested.

  4. LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it! I live in a female world so this page jumps right out at me!!! I love it!

  5. Hey Mocha Scrapper! I literally LOLed when I read the first line of this post because I too am surrounded by testosterone 24/7. And I always jump at any opportunity to create something feminine. Your work is fabulous!!

  6. WOW Mocha your girl pages are beautiful!!! love the Baby Girl goodie.I' love doing my gk's pages.Thanks for sharing..