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I am a wife, mother, sister and friend who loves to create whether scrapbooking, taking pictures, gardening or cooking. I want you to read this blog, smile, giggle and be inspired to do what you love. Create, create, create that is who we are and let's enjoy the journey together!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Countdown

With all the projects I have going on you would think I wouldn't dare add another to the list. Ha! I am a craft-a-holic and couldn't resist...but this time I made it easy on myself and made a Christmas Countdown calendar, well.... put together a Christmas Countdown calendar by DCWV. Let's just say its super cute and more importantly I got it done before December 20th! 

All the embellies came with the packet! glitter and all

We put santa hats on each day as it passes, so the kids will get excited...who am I really kidding...so I will be excited!  I love Christmas

One holiday craft done now how many more left?...Enjoy the season, family, lights, food and did I mention lights! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oooh Little Girls

Everyone who knows me, understands I live in a male dominated house...even down to the dog and I have my suspicions about the fish! So I don't have the luxury or thrill of shopping for all the little girlie scrapbook goodies. When a close friend of ours recently had a little girl that gave me all the ammunition I needed as well as excuses to by everything that glitters! and boy did I...from papers to embellies I got it all. I have also loved the color blue since I could talk and absolutely hated anything pink...until now! There is pink everywhere...and...I like it! I decided to post one of the pages I did for her scrapbook and will post others later but wanted to share the fun I am having doing this scrapbook.
Cute Embellie I found at Archivers

Pearls I picked up from some place I don't even remember! 

I love love love the white flourish paper and the letters are from the cricut cartridge Hello Kitty

It's pink, It glitters, and is shiny all over, yay for little girls! and yay for my oldest son who volunteered to hold the page up!
 As  I mentioned a few posts back I am working on a set of board books for our little princess and mind you I started this process by just doing the board books and a flower chipboard album...my has it grown...anyway I will post pics of these super cute board books once they are complete but thought I would offer a preview of what's to come.

Happy Scrapping and have a creative week!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I did it! My First Card!!!

After reading all the blogs and getting much inspiration I made my first card, I gave it a go! Oh boy, it was fun but I have to get this glue thing down so that it doesn't muck up (yes I meant to say MMMUCK) my card! LOL!

This is the front of the card

and the inside with I did go back and use a glue eraser to clean it up afterwards and am much happier!

The cardstock and paper are all from Basic Grey: Wander
I used the Martha Stewart scallop punch (love it!!!)
and cut the letters from the CM Cricut Cartridge: Cheerful Seasons, which is a great cartridge, it has tons of images and fonts!

still to come are my little story books....adding finishing touches!

Happy Scrapping!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday! Friday! Friday!

I love the weekends, a great time to spend with my family....the smell of homemade pancakes on Saturday mornings is just addictive! I've had a very slow craft week, I think I did one thing! I plan on cropping on Sunday with a girlfriend which should be super fun, and maybe I can catch up on some projects. I am still working on my little storybooks which are going to be soo cute, can't wait to post pictures...you are so going to love them, I promise!  Have a great weekend and happy scrapping!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's almost Halloween

Yeah! Halloween is almost here and I am super excited. We have all the decorations up and will add a bit more today for tomorrows little goblins!!! My youngest son is so excited, he can hardly stand it, which naturally makes me excited. Be safe and have fun!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Yeah for Friday

So its Friday! and I am totally ready for the weekend. I will be all alone no hubby this weekend, so I have to round up the kiddos alone which should be no problem. I have plenty of activities planned including carving pumpkins! Have I ever in my life carved a pumpkin...NO! So I am either crazy or a genius hopefully there will be no posted pics of me with bandages on my fingers :) or better yet their fingers! Hopefully between carving pumpkins, attending the state fair, soccer games and school dances I will have time to make at least a card if not finish the board books I've been working on for a friend. Will post pics soon! Have a great weekend!!!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Blog designs

So I've been playing with some designs for a couple of days trying to get a look and feel that is well scraplicious! I welcome any suggestions and ideas of places to go. This blog thing is going to be an adventure!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

My First Blog Post

Ok so here it is my first blog post! I am currently working on the template to make it look great and super cute well darn right scrapulicious so any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. I will post some of my work and other tips etc...but more importantly this will be a creative outlet for me to express myself! Enjoy and let's have fun