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Monday, April 16, 2012

Taking the Time

As of late I have observed myself rushing through life. Do you ever find yourself doing just that? Rushing through traffic to get the kids to school or get to work? Getting to the grocery and rushing through the aisles to get the groceries and becoming impatient with the long line and the wonderful person who skidded in front you in the express lane with 12 items and the limit is 10? Hurrying up dinner so everyone can get to bed and then rushing to get this craft project done so you can move to the next one, only to rush through that one? When does it stop? When do you decide that today I am not weaving through traffic to get home faster, beeping my horn at all the folks in my way making me late to pick up my child (although I could have left earlier so I wouldn't be late) but in the meantime these folks need to learn how to drive!

I need to just exhale or as the little people are taught...smell the cookies and blow the soup! Didn't I want to have children to enjoy, don't I love to cook (I really do!) and aren't my crafts and hobbies for my relaxation and enjoyment? So why am I not enjoying all of these things? Why have I decided they have become problems that I need to solve or barriers to the next thing on the "to do" list to check off?

I don't want to look back over my day or even my life and realize I have rushed through it and didn't enjoy it. A few weeks ago I took the time to make a card for a fellow scrap blogger's sister. We have never met or chatted but her blog asked for her creative friends to reach out and send a card to a sick loved one. I didn't contemplate it or add it to my to do list, I just did it. I took my time and did it and guess what I enjoyed it. I didn't rush it so I could get it in the mail quickly and check that off, I enjoyed flipping through my paper, deciding on what embellishments I would use and what stamps would look best, besides this is why I create...to enjoy it right?

My challenge this week is to not rush through the day,  to act with intent and enjoy the moment I am in with purpose. Below is the card I created and it is super cute with pearls and bling! Until next time creative people...breathe and enjoy!

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